Blonde In Hair, Heart Of Gold

Christian McPhilamy With Long Hair

An 8 year old boy from Melbourne, Florida, grew out his hair for more than 2 and a half years and it was all for a noble cause – so that he could donate his hair to other children who have lost theirs in the battle against cancer or due to burns or alopecia (hair loss).

Christian McPhilamy With Long Hair
Christian McPhilamy, 8, grew out his hair for more than 2 and a half years so he could donate it to charity for children who had lost their hair. This is how Christian looked just before his haircut on the 27th of May.


Christian McPhilamy made his decision to do so when he saw a commercial for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital during Christmas, 2012. The commercial featured young cancer patients without hair.

That very night, he looked up St. Jude's on Google on his mother's iPad and an ad for a hair donation charity popped up. His mother, Deeanna Thomas, explained to him that people can donate their hair to the cancer patients who have lost theirs due to chemotherapy. Christian was then determined to grow out his hair to donate to those children.

Christian McPhilamy Before He Grew Out His Hair 2 Years Ago
This is how Christian McPhilamy looked like before he grew out his hair more than 2 years ago.


When his hair grew past his chin, he received lots of taunts. Boys would tease him and make comments such as “You look like a girl.” Christian would explain his action to them. He was proud of what he was doing and had never said that he wanted to cut off his locks, according to his mother.

Christian McPhilamy With His Hair Growing Past His Chin
Christian McPhilamy with his hair growing past his chin.


Sometimes, people would mistake him for a girl and he would calmly mention that he is a boy. He was unfazed by such comments.

Christian McPhilamy Growing His Hair Longer
As his hair grew longer, more comments were made by other people.


The big haircut day came on the 27th of May, 2015. His hair was partitioned into 4 pony tails to produce 10-inch long sections each. The 4 bunches of hair were then donated to Children With Hair Loss, the charity organisation which provides free wigs to children who have lost their hair.

Christian McPhilamy Before The Haircut
Christian McPhilamy’s hair was divided into 4 ponytails just before the big haircut.


Christian claimed he felt good to have short hair again. Another child somewhere will be feeling good too. Thank you, Christian. 🙂

Christian McPhilamy Holding His Cut Ponytails
Christian McPhilamy holding his cut ponytails.






Official website of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: