7 Simple Household Chores For Your Child To Do

Boy Vacuuming

Here are some simple household chores for your child to do. You may still need to supervise your child when he or she performs the chores.


1. Making the bed

– Tidying up the bed after waking up in the morning should be inculcated into your child at an early age. Do this together with your child till he or she is capable of doing it on his or her own. For double deck beds, you must be around to supervise especially when your child is below the age of 6. There must be no compromise when it comes to the safety of our children.


Boy Making The Bed


2. Wiping the table after meals

– This is possibly the easiest of the chores. Your child will learn the importance of keeping the table clean after meals and he or she would most likely learn to eat less messily.


3. Sweeping the dining area after meals

– This is another easy task for your child. Some exercise after meals is a good way to burn off the calories.


4.  Picking up after playing

– Your child needs to learn responsibility and this is the best way for your child to start learning it. You may want to praise your child for doing a good job. Not for just the first few days but do it daily. This will help your child to be more consistent in doing his chores.


Boy Keeping Toys


5. Attending to the plants in the garden

– You can let your child to water the plants and flowers in your garden. Use smaller watering cans that your child can manage on his or her own. You MUST be physically present when your child is watering the plants and flowers or attending to the garden. Never take things for granted! Accidents do happen, so you must be around at all times when you let your child attend to your garden.


6. Bringing out the garbage

– This task can be easy depending on the weight of the garbage, so please be mindful of your child's ability to help you with the carrying of the garbage. Just keep an eye out for your child when he or she helps you to throw the garbage on his or her own.


7. Vacuuming the floor

– Your child can do this once a week. Vacuuming the floor requires less supervision from you.


Boy Vacuuming


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